Episode 8 – The democratisation of the tools of production

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Strange times indeed. So we thought we’d look at the positive role that technology is playing in our every day lives affected by lockdown. We’ll cover Zoom and talk about the amazing ways that technology now allows everyone to be a creator with remarkably good production values.

Show notes

What’s in the glass?

Petit Train Syrah 2018

Not surprisingly we are not getting out much and so this was one from the wine rack. A lighter drinking experience to our usual big hitting Malbecs, this was subtle but fruity!

As we don’t get any affiliate income from the Naked folk, maybe you’d like to buy a corkscrew or something from Amazon and help fund the web fees and wine budget? Thank you!

Covid Creativity

One World – Together at home. 8 hours of live music from artist’s homes. Would this even have been possible 5 years ago?

A ton of security companies pitched in with help and advice about staying safe online with many more of us working from home. Possibly the most comprehensive package was from my friends at SANS and their Work from home deployment kit.

So much brilliant innovation…Mercedes help build a CPAP device, Climbing hardware manufacturer DMM retooled to make the parts for ventilators, as well as re-purposing climbing harness components to make face masks. No fanfare, no publicity, just got on with it.

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